What is a Bull’s Billet

In order for our community to have a team, the players need a place to stay while they’re here. One becomes a billet when they agree to house a player in their home for the duration of the season, usually from late Β August to the beginning of April. Without people to house our players, we’d have no team. Please consider opening your home to one of our boys.


  • You’ll have the opportunity to get to know one of our players, perhaps for a lifetime.
  • Your household gets free season tickets.
  • You will be paid a $300/month stipend to cover the cost of food.
  • You’re a close part of the Bull’s family.
  • The players serve as a role model to other kids when it comes to goal acquisition
  • You’ll have more opportunities for community involvement with Bull’s events.

Contact: Heather Jo Bailey

Phone: 641-430-9664