Trophies Head to School!

Last week, we took all three championship trophies to Manly and spent the morning with the pre-schoolers. Alec was there in his red Bulls jersey and told the other kids all about the Bulls and their trophies. 

Then, the trophies had some learning of their own to do! They had to work on their listening skills during the mystery bag game, learn proper hygiene and how to go about that each morning, and we also got to work on our reading skills and listening even more as we learned what it was like to spend a day with Grandpa!

After all of that, we had worked up quite an appetite, so Alec and his classmates introduced them to proper table manners, including washing your hands, making sure everyone is served before eating, and always making sure to clean up your mess! 

If you have some new experiences that you would like to have the championship trophies at, let us know! We would love to come visit! 

Go Bulls!