Karaoke Night 2014 A Success!

Sep 23, 2014

The North Iowa Bulls and the North Iowa Youth Center partnered up again this season to host the annual "Karaoke Night" at the NI Youth Center on Tuesday, September 23rd. Bulls players, coaches, and staff were all present to render their musical stylings and spend the evening with some great kids from the North Iowa area. 

This is the 2nd season that the Bulls and NI Youth Center have teamed up to host this event, and it is definitely become a hit on the annual calendar! 

NI Youth Center Director Regan Banks called the event a rousing success and is looking forward to partnering with the Bulls in the future stating, "the Youth Center and the Bulls can do so much for each other, and supporting groups and initiatives with local kids and organizations is what we are all about!"

The Bulls and Youth Center have teamed up on a few events so far this year, including the Pre-Season Picnic that was held at the YMCA. Bull's Director of Business Operations Nick Crimmins is excited about the partnership and where it could head in the future noting how well the Youth Center falls in line with the goals of the Bulls off-ice strategies. "Regan and the Youth Center have been unbelievable in partnering and supporting the Bulls here the past few seasons. Our main focus here in North Iowa is to give back to the community and support them in the same tremendous and passionate ways that they have supported us during our first three seasons in Mason City. It is a fantastic opportunity for us to do just that and we look forward to continuing this and growing it in the future."

The North Iowa Youth Center is located at 138 5th St SW here in Mason City and offers a variety of events and fun for kids of all ages. Check them out at www.NIYouthCenter.com.